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Cookie Policy – Information for users/website visitors about the use of cookies

This information is provided to let you know the principles governing the use, with regard to confidentiality, of personal data provided by users/visitors who use the web services made available by this site.

The data controller informs the user/navigator that the site uses cookies to better manage navigation. This cookie policy, which is an integral part of the Privacy Policy, defines the types of cookies and other technologies used in the management of personal data, as well as the purpose and methods of use.

It should however be considered that there are cookies that are essential to allow the site to be browsed correctly and that, by continuing to browse, you tacitly consent to the use of this category.

The user / navigator, by configuring the settings directly from his browser, can avoid the installation of cookies.

Types of cookies

  • Technical cookies

This type of cookie allows the correct operation of some sections of the site, and, for them, the current legislation in Italy does not require that explicit user consent is acquired. Two categories are used: session and persistent:

  • session cookies: they are deleted every time the browser is closed.
  • persistent cookies: once the browser is closed, they are not deleted, but remain stored until a pre-set expiration date;

In relation to their use they are defined as:

  • navigation cookies: essential to the normal use of the site (e.g. to keep the authentication data during the current session).
  • function cookies: necessary to manage parameters relating to the use of the site (e.g. the language selected for browsing the pages).
  • analytical cookies: used to collect anonymous data on the use of the site, which are then processed for statistical analysis, in order to improve its use and make the contents more interesting and relevant to the users’ wishes.

It would be advisable that these types of cookies, always sent from the domain of the site, and that do not collect any information on the identity of the user/navigator, were, therefore, always allowed, unless the settings are changed in the browser.

  • Analytical third-party and profiling cookies

Cookies of this type are used by websites or web services – other than the one to which this policy refers – for their own purposes, on which this site is not able to exercise control. They can collect data on the use of the site, to be used for statistical analysis or for the creation of user profiles aimed at marketing activities based on the particular preferences derived from the analysis of navigation data (profiling). They are essentially distinguishable as:

  • analytical cookies of third-party services: used to collect information on the use of the site by users / surfers even in a non-anonymous form, such as: pages visited, time spent, origin of traffic of origin, geographical origin, age, gender and interests for marketing campaigns.
  • cookies to integrate products and functions of third-party software: used to integrate functions developed by third parties within the site pages, such as icons and preferences expressed on social networks in order to share the contents of the site, or for the use of third-party software services (e.g. generation of maps or other applications that offer additional services).
  • profiling cookies: used to build user profiles, in order to offer advertising messages in line with the preferences shown within the site pages.

For these types of cookies, the consent must be expressed by the user/navigator, based on the information provided by the relative services, which may be different from this one. In this case, the data controller of this site is not responsible for third-party services.

Use of cookies on this site

This site uses technical cookies to make its services simple and efficient for the user/navigator, to which minimum quantities of information will be inserted in the memory of the device used, in small text files, saved in specific directories used by the browser, for the sole purpose of:

  • storing the preferences entered;
  • avoiding having to re-enter the same information several times during the visit;
  • analysing the use of the services and content provided on the site to optimize the browsing experience and the services offered.

For the statistical analysis of the use of the site, the Google Analytics service provided by Google Inc. was chosen. The version adopted is the “anonymized” one, which, not using the IP address coming from the user / browser connection, makes the data collected during site navigation absolutely unrelated to the aforementioned.

Cookies managed by the service provider:


Purpose description: The service provider uses this ID to process user requests for which the respective session was instantiated.


Lifespan: Session cookie

Name: CookieConsent

Purpose Description: Stores the user’s cookie consent state for the current domain.


Lifespan: Persistent cookie (1 year)

Cookies managed by Google Analytics:

Data protection provisions of Google:

The gathering and processing of data by Google can be prevented by installing the following links:

Name: _ga

Purpose description: Google Universal Analytics long-time unique user tracking identifier.


Lifespan: Persistent cookie (2 years)

Name: _gid

Purpose description: Google Universal Analytics short-time unique user tracking identifier.


Lifespan: Persistent cookie (1 day)

Name: _gat

Purpose description: Google Universal Analytics technical cookie used to throttle request rate.


Lifespan: Session cookie

Depending on the technological updating of the site, we reserve the right to periodically update this table to indicate the cookies used and useful references to know the specific purposes of use.

Third-party services

This site, in order to offer the best contents, also uses third-party services, which could install their own cookies, including profiling cookies, following the link to their web pages.

Incorporation of the Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin plug-ins to share advertising content of the website. Can be recognised by the respective logo. Data is only transmitted once the icon is clicked on. Clicking on the respective button creates a connection to the service provider’s account. The connection allows browser-specific data to be sent and third-party cookies to be stored.

This site points out that it has no influence on the cookies used and receive no knowledge of the full content of the data transmitted and their use by the service providers.

Data protection policy of Facebook:

Data protection policy of Twitter:

Data protection policy of Linkedin:

How to disable cookies through browser configuration

To learn more about how the browser stores cookies while browsing, please follow these links on the websites of the respective providers and consult the website on behavioural advertising :

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Configuring your browser to reject cookies or specifically our cookies, may prevent you from accessing some of the services and your experience of our website may be less satisfactory.