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Since 2004, Eurome has been a point of reference for Workplace Management, Asset Management, Multimedia and Dematerialisation services. This R1 Group company also deals with advanced electronic signature, electronic invoicing and document process automation solutions.

Through its continuous research into innovative products and new information technologies the company can also propose furniture solutions to maximise the rationalisation and automation of office work and to increase and improve comfort and productivity.


Eurome is UNI CEI ISO/IEC 27001:2017 and UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Services and products

Eurome’s core business is office technology, it offers leading products and solutions for various services: storage, office arrangement, set of forms. Even stationery, furniture and accessories, visual communication, office equipment, audio-video and telephony, computer, consumables.

Workplace Management


We offer workstation management solutions to include hardware and software updates to guarantee maintenance of optimal functionality and efficiency, while taking into account the specificities of the technology hardware to be managed, the area and type of use, and any restrictions, requirements and standards of reference. We work to optimise workstation management, with a view to innovation and productivity and efficiency gains, which overcomes “physical” office boundaries through a series of “smart” solutions. We propose multifunctional devices, interactive whiteboards, videoconferencing and video projectors, which work together to create an interconnected office.

IT Asset Management

We offer IT departments the valuable opportunity to create an organisation with a flexible and open approach to all devices that may come into contact with the company network. End point security and IT Service Management are designed to adapt to business developments and to ensure efficiency, with timely and targeted interventions. We care about keeping infrastructure secure, while optimising IT assets throughout the entire life cycle.



We provide software solutions that allow us to improve and monitor hardware performance, so we can create and deliver visual communication proposals that allow companies to increase their visibility and enhance the working environment. Videowall and Digital Signage are some of the services we offer, to increase potential in the management and distribution of dynamic audiovisual content.

Smart Working


We work to create and optimise spaces which favour innovation and exchange of ideas in order to increase productivity, break down physical and technological barriers and reduce costs. We implement collaboration solutions such as Videoconferencing, telepresence, online training and more, to enable effective remote collaboration.

Document Management

We take care of advanced IT documentation management tasks.
We implement platforms to manage electronic invoicing between individuals and between private and public administrations. We integrate business management software to protect and guarantee the creation, reception and storage of electronic invoices.


We have a full catalogue of furniture which is ergonomic, functional, comfortable and hard-wearing, including made to measure furniture, to improve the organisation of the work of and in the office.

Vendors Register

Eurome is undertaking a qualification process to different companies in order to establish its vendors register to pursue the following aims:


  • Compliance with the company’s quality system
  • Accelerate the credit operations
  • Regulation of the relations with vendors


Vendors are required to complete the Vendor Registration Form. The form requires vendors to provide basic company information and to indicate which products and/or services can be supplied. In case of a positive assessment, it will be requested additional documentation to complete the accreditation process.

Eurome – P. IVA  07820851009