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Trice is R1 Group’s Digital Transformation Company focused on strategy, design and technology with a unique mission, to increase the growth of our clients’ Business. Digital strategists, designers, developers, but above all digital consultants to explore new business models with you and face the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation. The cross-cutting approach between marketing, digital and IT allows Trice to interpret the needs of different industries, to enrich their empowerment.

The company know-how and design on specific needs consolidate the range of services offered, from consultancy to system integration activities.


Trice is an UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017, UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14064-1 certified company.


About the company


Trice uses innovative and integrated platforms to enable all companies to prevail in their market sector, in this era of full connectivity on the move. Trice is organised into four Business Units: Strategy – Design & Development – Digital Marketing – Innovation.


Due to its strategic expertise and innovative vision, Trice can offer digital consultancy and analyse customer requirements to put in place a plan to help the customer achieve the proposed objectives. This strategic approach always begins with an analysis of the Brand, its Target and the reference market to understand the main steps to be taken. Once this is defined, Trice can create a strategic project, whether for Branding and Brand positioning, or for optimising conversion or consulting paths in the digital world.

Design & Developement

Trice boasts an extensive knowledge of the development and optimisation of Web platforms and Mobile apps. It can assemble an experienced team for designing both internal and external interfaces and information architecture, providing a complete and intuitive user experience. Each platform is created based on an extensive analysis of the customer and is designed to give optimal performance tuned to match the established objectives.

Digital Marketing

Trice develops all-round strategies in Digital Marketing. Due to its strong position in the field of Social Media, it is able to create effective and specific communications projects for each channel and create an advertising strategy designed to achieve business objectives.

From the design of the Social Media Plan, through to the creation of Content Marketing strategies, Trice is able to “speak the user’s language” and bring new impetus to the face of the Brand on these fundamental touchpoints.


Converting the dream, the innovative idea, the inspiration into a concrete and tangible reality is one of Trice’s goals. This is why it creates cutting-edge solutions in the world of Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and other innovative technologies. It achieves this by giving due diligence to the study of the design, the user experience and the functionality in order to provide real added value for the company’s customer.

Vendors Register

Trice is undertaking a qualification process to different companies in order to establish its vendors register to pursue the following aims:

  • Compliance with the company’s quality system
  • Accelerate the credit operations
  • Regulation of the relations with vendors

Vendors are required to complete the Vendor Registration Form. The form requires vendors to provide basic company information and to indicate which products and/or services can be supplied. In case of a positive assessment, it will be requested additional documentation to complete the accreditation process.

Trice – P. IVA 13132691000