The Group

We have been working on the ICT for 27 years. We work with leading companies in the public and private sectors and we created strategic relationship with main technology providers. We are the Digital Partner for giving the best possible support  to the business of the companies thanks to the continuous research, training and certification of our technical and commercial resources.


System Integration 


Office Automation


Consulting and Training

R1 Lease

Operating rental


Cyber Security


Digital Marketing

Founder, President of the R1 Group


Giancarlo Stoppaccioli found his personal and professional fulfilment in ICT world.


He founded 27 years ago R1 working first as a Managing Director contact person of main stakeholders then as the President of the Group, still playing an active role in the company management.


He personally drove R1 transition to Limited company, he also subsidized acquisition of certification and specialization for all the sales and technicians. He established   important partnerships and created a strategic business ecosystem that allowed the Group’s significant growth and made R1 one of the most reliable partners in the ICT marketplace.



Our Partnerships

We have a large number of partners that always allows us to find the most valuable solution at the best price for our clients. We have the most important certification levels with each partner.

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