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The ICT world is a not only made of software systems and component assemblies, it is the result of a complex combination of infrastructures, digital technologies and IT security: classical application systems with the addition of a series of always expanding applications that impact on business growth and development.
Since 1994, R1 Spa has played an increasingly important role in Italy as a Systems Integrator. Over the years, R1 S.p.A. has incorporated the companies Eurome, R1 Lease, gway, Cyber-Bee, with Trice added in December 2018. In 2006 it opened offices in Milan, then in Perugia, and last year in Naples.
R1 Group was established as a response to a continuously evolving IT market, and continues to scout for new brands to keep its network solid. Over the years, our investment in industry subject matter experts, technology specialists, experienced system and application development consultants , coupled with our ISO certified service model, have enabled us to successfully deliver system integration projects and has enabled our clients to gain a competitive advantage in their field.


R1 S.P.A.

The company has heavily invested in the System Integration area to enable our public and private sector clients to take advantage of the advancement of ICT solutions by effectively implementing solutions, offering a tremendous help their businesses. In 2018, R1 obtained reliability rating CRIBIS D & B level 1. This certification, recognised worldwide, gives weight to the economic and financial reliability of a company, based on the following criteria: punctuality of payment, capital and financial solidity, economic profitability.

R1 S.p.A. is UNI CEI ISO/IEC 27001:2017 and UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified company

Services & Products

We aligned our services and products with the manifold needs of the actual mutable market, offering a combination of consulting services, systems integration, managed services and cloud services, indispensable support to the role of the CIO as person who translates business and needs into information technology ideas.
It is necessary an approach which may include : analysis and planning of the individual project till proposition of reliable solutions; the perspective of cost optimization till the implementation of the project, monitoring of the project and final verification of the result.
To ensure quality and expertise, the Group invests in the training of its resources with the aim of achieving the highest levels of certification as well as fast and responsive quality service.

Hardware and Software Infrastructure


Hardware and Software are significant parts of our offering. To make a bid which could evaluate the volume of the products offered more than their real value it is required a good financial soundness, to make proposals with innovative products, to respond quickly to the clients ‘requests and activate fast and easy company processes, tested and certified.

Project Management


It consists in a total coverage of a project from the support to the sales structure. We analyse, plan, design and deliver a solution to its final test. We obviously go through all the required steps of planning, programming, prototyping and realisation.



Thanks to our know-how we can design and offer networking solutions to large and small/medium companies for the creation of efficient and reliable wired and wireless networks. We also offer VoIP solutions, network management and structured wiring.



It is the solution dedicated to those companies that pursue the flexibility to optimize costs and resources. Virtualization technologies also allow the mobility to be simplified and the management to improve the adaptability of the entire IT infrastructure.

Hyperconvergence Solutions 


Hyperconvergence it is the Software Defined Data Center solution — an IT infrastructure based on software that integrates several components: server, networking, storage,server/desktop virtualization.
The hardware appliance for management can be unique and extremely compact, and unique is the support that is provided.

Code Of Ethics

R1 S.p.A. has adopted a code of Ethics that defines the set of values in which the Group acknowledges itself. The principles and provisions of the code of ethics characterize the accomplishment of work performance and behavior in the workplace and are aimed at the disclosure against the entire enterprise ecosystem.

Vendors Register

R1 is undertaking a qualification process to different companies in order to establish its vendors register to pursue the following aims:


  • Compliance with the company’s quality system
  • Accelerate the credit operations
  • Regulation of the relations with vendors


Vendors are required to complete the Vendor Registration Form. The form requires vendors to provide basic company information and to indicate which products and/or services can be supplied. In case of a positive assessment, it will be requested additional documentation to complete the accreditation process.

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